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The Aurland Valley

A spectacular and scenic hike from Østerbø down to Vassbygdi, knows as Norway's "Grand Canyon". The hike is 20 km and takes about 6 hours.

Known as Norway’s “Grand Canyon”, the Aurland Valley is one of the most popular hikes in the area. Every summer tourists from near and far come to experience the breathtaking landscape.


There are various starting points to the hike, but the most common is to start at Østerbø and walk downhill to the finish point in Vassbygdi. If you prefer, you can also walk uphill by starting in Vassbygdi and finishing at Østerbø.


The hike is 22 km and requires six to seven hours to complete, so remember to bring enough water and food to avoid running out of energy. You should also bring extra layers of clothes, as the weather may change quickly.


There are local buses to take you to Østerbø or Vassbygdi from the center of Aurland, check out this site for information about the bus.



Østerbø - Vassbygdi


June - October





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